Always Assume The Patient Will Agree!

Regarding referrals… From the moment you first meet the patient, he should be—in your mind—closed. [...]

How To Get A Patient Better Who Doesn’t Think He Can (Part 2)

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Quality Care vs. Profits (is there room for both?)

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If The Patient Likes You They Will Help You!

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NEW WEBINAR “Surviving or Thriving?”

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Do Doctors Like You?

Basically, any doctor who is not referring to you does not like you. While this [...]

Staff for Expansion!

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The “Close” is The Referral

A “close” in regards to patient referrals is defined as the point where you have asked for [...]

How to Get a Patient Better Who Doesn’t Think He Can (Part 1)

Have you ever accomplished anything meaningful without having a strong intention to get it done? [...]

Do you Care?

I learned a lot from an experience I had with one of my referral sources [...]