Do Doctors Like You?

Basically, any doctor who is not referring to you does not like you.

While this may or may not be actually true, if you think like this you have a chance. To do anything else makes you a victim and not the one who can make things happen.

When you place the blame somewhere else, you can’t do anything about it, but be the effect of it. Take on the viewpoint that they don’t like you, and that if they did like you, they would refer.

If a lot of doctors who had their own PT practice knew that you were the best in town you would at least get all their VIPs.

That’s not bad right?

Building a stable and expanding practice is all about capturing territory – how broad and far can you go to get people to come to you? All you’ve got to do is to get doctors to like you.

What do you consider doctors like the most about PT? Finding the real answer to that question and effectively promoting that will get you a goldmine of referrals.

I can help you answer that. Click below to schedule a free consult with me. Let’s get you known and well thought of in your area. I’ve done it countless times and I want that for you. Talk to you soon.

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