NEW WEBINAR “Surviving or Thriving?”

In this new webinar I’m going to cover what it takes to make an office thrive.

In doing this, you have to ask yourself:
How do you define “Quality Care”?

When I am delivering a seminar, I will commonly ask the attendees to define quality care.

The typical response requires at least 30 seconds of complete silence. People then look to others to respond. When someone finally answers it is usually a nebulous answer and hardly a definition in which you can hang your hat on.

If you were to ask an insurance company to define quality care, they will, and often do.

We usually don’t like their definitions, yet few of us have our own.

It is important to provide quality care in a fiscally responsible manner and it should be defined.

We will do so in this webinar. I invite you to join us for the presentation of “Surviving or Thriving”.

This webinar is for practice owners.

I hope that you can make it.


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