Staff for Expansion!

Here is something interesting…

If you are just starting a new PT practice and you are the first staff member as the owner/PT, the office manager/reception/administration/collections person would be the second person you hire, and typically the third person you hire is a PTA. The third person you hired in this scenario is your first mistake in private practice.

Ideally, the third person you should hire is someone who drives in business into the organization, doing whatever is necessary. Typically, it is an omitted step. So how does it manifest itself in most practices?

What happens is, the numbers are down, and the PT/owner has to go run out and try getting referrals. So who do you see? Do you see the doctor who likes you, and is sending you a lot of business or the doc who is sending you a couple guys? You go see the one who is sending you the most business already. If you continue to do this you get the scenario of a large practice depending on four or five doctors!  60% of the PT practice owner who attend my New Patient Course will tell me that they have lost a major referral source within the last 6 months, or there is a real threat of one.

So what we want to do is put together a system where you can have people come to your door without you going to theirs.

Get at least one staff member who has a full-time job driving in new patients. I cannot stress this enough. ALL big practices have at least one. Don’t think you are not big enough to have one. You are not big enough because you don’t have one! Get a full time VP of PR and Marketing!

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