If The Patient Likes You They Will Help You!

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when patients comes back to see you, even after having been gone for years, they’ll pick up the conversation from where it ended on their last visit? They often remember a great deal about you and your life. This is because they have simply like you. You helped them on a very personal level. With that affinity, you have something that you can expand upon. 

As we take that affinity and begin to find something that you and your patient can agree on. Ideally something that the two of you have in common. Have you ever noticed how much you know about the patients who you care the most about? Their families, jobs, successes, difficulties, etc. Have you ever noticed that the ones that you are closest to know quite a bit about you as well?

This allows you to find out more about each other and find more things that you agree with, thus adding to their value of you as a clinician but more importantly, a friend.

Building agreement is a key building block to getting your patients to understand how they can help you build your practice by referring others to you. They will trust you with the people that they care about.

Communication is easy if you like someone and find or have found many things that you both can agree upon. Any staff members who interact with the patients have the potential to create the greatest bonds with them. These bonds are invaluable. 

Why do your patients like you? You helped them you like them and they like you. Would they help you in return if they knew that they could? Yes! Your patients want to help you

Telling your patients exactly how they can help you is the formula for developing possible life-long relationships and fantastic referral sources. 

If you fail to ask your patients for their help in building your practice, you’ll lose this valuable resource.

You will find in most cases that your patients just need to be told how they can help. They will readily get on board.

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