Quality Care vs. Profits (is there room for both?)

“You’re all about the money!”

Don’t you get a little tired of hearing that from your staff. If you have never heard a staff member say that, you most likely have underperforming personnel.

We are in the healthcare business.

In a shrinking reimbursement environment, how do you provide high quality services that gets results when it costs you more and more to deliver that care?

I hope to be able to help you with exactily that. If you are a practice owner who sees insurance patients, you should attend my next presentation on Surviving or Thriving.

Getting buy-in from your clinical team can be challenging. I know. I have had to help guide many practice owners on how to define quality care to their clinical team and not end up with the staff saying, “You’re all about the money”.

As a practice owner, I recommend that you see this presentation and if it rings true to you, have your clinicians see it as well.

I hope that you can make it.

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