“He gets tremendous results, and very quickly.”

Vinod Somareddy, CEO
Reddy Care Physical Therapy

“Does he know what he’s talking about? Absolutely. Will he help your practice? Absolutely.”

Kevin Cappel, CEO
Jet PT Billing

“I owe him a great deal of gratitude for everything he’s done.”

Chuck Herron, CEO
On the Mend Physical Therapy

“I can’t recommend him enough.”

Tom Dalonzo-Baker, CEO
Total Motion Release Seminars

I have known Shaun since 2004 when I became a client of his company. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have both for him and his company. It has been both an honor and privilege to work with him and his team on improving my business and achieving success in all aspects of my life. Shaun and his team practice what they preach. He cares about you as a person and truly wants to see you flourish and prosper. It is without hesitation that I endorse and recommend his company and more importantly him as one of the most influential people in my life.

Dr. Steve Ryland PT, DPT
Director of Clinical Services/Interim President Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital at Steward Health Care

Shaun and his team have allowed our company to grow beyond our expectations. Shaun and his team have provided us with invaluable services for our business. He has been integral in the success and growth we have experienced. Shaun provides practical solutions for immediate success!! A big thank you to Shaun and his team for all of their help!

Chris Streib
Physiotherapist/Clinic Owner at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy

I have been working with Shaun for fourteen years now and his company has been the most helpful group I have ever met. They have helped us reach higher production levels year after year. I would highly recommend Shaun and his team to any private practitioner who wants to quickly reach their practice goals.

Michel Brunet
Chief Strategy Officer at Back In Motion Physical Therapy, LLC (1994-2019)

Shaun is a result driven consultant with the best of intentions for each of his clients. His ability to teach his clients how to be their own consultant is truly a gift!

Lisa Taglauer
Co-Founder, Magnolia Physical Therapy, LLC

Shaun Kirk is a true advocate of Physical Therapy profession. Aside from being a great expert in practice management, he always takes his clients’ interests to heart and has helped many private practice owners to realize their dreams and ambitions. Shaun possesses high personal integrity and work ethic. He goes above and beyond to help his clients and I am very fortunate that I met him and was able to learn from him. I recommend Shaun and his company to every physical therapist private practice owner who wants to succeed and realize their dreams both professionally and personally.

Michael Sheynin
Physical Therapist, Co-owner at Free Motion Rehabilitation Center

Shaun is a dedicated professional who truly cares about his clients, friends and colleagues. He has incredible knowledge in business, marketing, running healthcare practices and helping small and large businesses succeed.

I would highly encourage any healthcare practice owner who wants solid business tools to expand his / her practice to contact Shaun and his company. It was the best decision I ever made.

Neil Trickett, PT
Practice Promotions

It was my pleasure working with Shaun Kirk while helping to construct a business software system for his company. Shaun possesses many qualities as a business leader and among them:

1. He is a great listener, understands your point of view very well
2. And he communicates elegantly, clearly lays out the business strategy and offers ways to simplify the execution process throughout the many conversations, meetings and emails
3. He respects your time so you can always count on him even if it is too early for business hours.

I’m certain so many experienced the above because Shaun is not only diligent but also business smart. Thank you, Shaun and I wish you great success.

Suman Pitta