How to Get a Patient Better Who Doesn’t Think He Can (Part 1)

Have you ever accomplished anything meaningful without having a strong intention to get it done?

Probably not.

The fact is, when the intention to make something happen is weak—you know, when you’re just not feeling the “fire in your belly” to get it going—there’s a very slim chance that it will actually happen.

I’m sure you can think of people you’ve known who couldn’t really get fired up to do anything and, well, how far did they go in life?

Unfortunately, your patients can experience a failure to achieve their initial intention to get well and some will show up but they have actually given up getting well. I know you’ve seen it.

Here is the truth:
You’ve never helped a patient who didn’t have the intention to be helped.

Likewise, if you have somebody on your team who is just going through the motions with no intention of really getting a patient well, they will not only get poor results with their patients, they’ll never get referrals and won’t help build a good reputation for themselves OR your practice.

Physical Therapists are normally really good at helping others but sometimes are not good at being helped by others.

And then you have the patient who has the idea he can’t be helped. Perhaps some time ago he really thought he would get better. The first PT he saw for the condition years ago said he would get better but he didn’t. Several PTs, chiropractors and a surgery or two later and he is not so sure.

What we sometimes find is that he never misses an appointment, but underneath it all he really doesn’t think he can ever get better.

If you don’t discover this weak or failing intention you are missing the thing that makes the difference between getting the patient better or worse. So how can you discover it?

I’ll save that for next week…

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