Physical therapists go to school to learn how to help people heal but they don’t learn to be marketing specialists. If you’re in charge of your own PT practice, you may find marketing the most challenging aspect of your business. We understand – we’ve seen the same problem in hundreds of PT practices.

We know you’d rather focus on helping patients so we offer done-for-you marketing services. We took our extensive experience working with PTs around the world and applied it to designing the exact services you need for prosperity and success.

Imagine getting a steady stream of calls from new patients and filling your book weeks in advance. We can take care of all the details if your wish, such as designing and scheduling your outreach, managing the budget, evaluating results and adjusting your messages so you get the best results possible, and more.


In your area, which type of patient should you attract? How intense is your competition? How can you stand out from the crowd? We help you develop an intelligent strategy and from that strategy, we derive the right message to attract the attention of the best patients.


Almost anyone who’s shopping for a new product or service goes to the internet first to look at prospective vendors. You need a website that delivers your message fast, looks 100% professional, and convinces visitors to your page to call you right now.


A great website needs great search engine optimization so it ranks high in search results. A gorgeous website won’t do you any good if it appears on page ten of prospective patients’ search results. SEO has to be built into your site just the right way and we know just how to do that.

Facebook and Google Ads

Both of these media can be highly effective in creating interest and desire for your services – IF they are done right. Ads have to look good, carry the right message and be delivered at the right time to the best demographic to bring in business.