The 4 Reasons A Doctor Will Pick One Practice Over Another

There are 4 reasons a doctor will pick one practice over another:

1. The doctor decides that if the PT practice get results they will refer.

2. Doctors determine results by listening to the patient. (so, control the narrative)

3. If a patient doesn’t complain on a follow-up visit, the doctor will like you best.

4. Lastly, the doctor wants to be thanked by the patient.

In number 3, having a complaining patient is a BIG problem for the doctor. The doctor can only cut it, drug it, test it or send it to PT. When a patient complains, the doctor can only refer the patient elsewhere or call the clinician and yell at him. A practice that knows how to control this wins every time.

On number 4, too often the PT wants his or her patient to sing his praises, but the doc does not want to hear how great the PT is but is interested in hearing how great THEY ARE. Getting the patient to praise the doctor for helping him and referring to you will go very far. The doc hearing about how in love his patient is with their physical therapist is far less preferred. Again, you must control the narrative.

I hope this helps but I have more I want to tell you! Check out a presentation I put together for you that does just that. Click below…