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How Much Money is Poor Morale Costing Your Company?

As a business owner I’ve had staff come and go over the years. Some have [...]

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JUST RELEASED! Get my latest guide to help you manage your practice better! You will [...]

There are 8 areas…

There are 8 areas in the billing and collections area where money can slip through [...]

The 6 Key Areas To Boom A Practice

The 6 key areas to boom a practice are: 1. Effective promotion leading to new [...]

Let Patients Know They Have A New Job!

I had a patient named Lily. She was an elderly lady who came in with [...]

The 4 Reasons A Doctor Will Pick One Practice Over Another

There are 4 reasons a doctor will pick one practice over another: 1. The doctor [...]

Always Assume The Patient Will Agree!

Regarding referrals… From the moment you first meet the patient, he should be—in your mind—closed. [...]

How To Get A Patient Better Who Doesn’t Think He Can (Part 2)

Here’s how I handled one of my tough patients: I looked at him and said, [...]

Quality Care vs. Profits (is there room for both?)

“You’re all about the money!” Don’t you get a little tired of hearing that from [...]

If The Patient Likes You They Will Help You!

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when patients comes back to see you, even after [...]