Let Patients Know They Have A New Job!

I had a patient named Lily.

She was an elderly lady who came in with a bad hip and was using a cane to walk. After some time in treatment she began to walk without her cane and was extremely happy about this.

I told her that now she has a job to do. It’s not a job I was going to pay her for, but nevertheless, it’s a job she has.

She looked at me with some confusion so I asked her this question, “Lily, how long were you suffering with your hip before you came in for physical therapy?”

She said, “Oh Honey, this hip was killing me for about four months before I came in here.”

I said, “I see. Would you have liked someone to tell you about us four months earlier?”

She thought about it and replied, “Oh yes!”

I told her that is her job, “When you are out and about and you see someone who could use our help, it’s very important you tell them to come our way so they don’t suffer until someone else tells them to.”

Lily agreed to do this. She immediately started referring all the people she knew from her church and in three months had sent me eighteen patients!

I’d love to help you with more advice on getting new patients. Watch this video to see how…