Podcast Episode 2: How To Recover a Tremendous Amount of Lost Income

In this week’s episode you will learn: 

  • The TRUE value of your receptionist and how they are VITAL to recovering lost income
  • How to get people to keep their appointment and achieve a high percentage of arrivals
  • Where the POWER behind good schedule book control really comes from
  • Why low arrival rate is almost NEVER the problem of the front desk
  • What clinicians MUST say to their patients to get them to continue coming in and completing their plan of care
  • How to “set the stage” so that the patient is very reluctant to cancel future appointments
  • How you should approach “cancel or no-show fees” and whether you should use them or not
  • What your receptionist should NEVER say when asked about your no-show policy
  • What’s the WORST thing to do if a patient misses an appointment

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