Podcast Episode 3: Could You Survive Without Insurance?

In this episode I ask the question to practice owners: “Could you survive without insurance?” I guess the real question is, “Can you sell?”  Because if you have cash based services you need to be able to sell them. This podcast tells you how.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Why Shaun “sucked” at sales in his early years

What to do when a patient asks “How much does it cost?”

You’ll learn how to correctly finish this sentence in a sales discussion: “The first one to speak is __________”

Learn easily what Shaun learned in sales, the hard way

When to shut up, and not say a thing!

How you are unkowingly HAND DELIVERING to the patient their main objection to buying your service

How to sell , like a master, your services that are not covered by insurance

How create want in your prospective patient. Want is DIFFERENT than interest

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