Valuable Information and Downloads for Private Practice PTs

There are 3 main areas that drive PT practice success. Our live webinars focus on these areas along with improving personnel productivity.

Here they are:


Training in the category of “Getting the patients” would take up the subjects of physician marketing, event marketing, direct access marketing, direct sales actions when visiting physician offices. It also includes patient reactivation and internal marketing. Getting patients to refer friends and family is zero-cost marketing.  It is a goldmine for long-term success!


This subject goes well above being a good clinician. You should only have competent clinicians on your team. In the “Treating the Patients” area of your practice we are talking about handling patient self-discharge. With 70% of patients who have authorized visits on account self-discharging, this is a problem for most practices as it significantly impacts internal referrals and patient reactivation.

In the webinars that address this subject, we would cover how to close (sell) the patient on your plan of care and visit frequency on their first visit. These webinars will share what to do when the patient begins to show signs of self discharge. Having the clinical team thinking with delivering patient care in a fiscally responsible manner is of vital importance in light of recent plans for reimbursement reduction. We will share how to evaluate your clinical staff and their overall value to your organization and to their patients.


Your billing staff can only collect on accounts based on what is billed. It is astounding how little attention is paid on proper coding of services. In webinars on this subject we cover how the progression of care should reflect in the coding, how to identify the clinicians who are leaving money on the table and just how much. If your clinicians are coding in a sloppy manner, it may not matter what your billing staff is doing, your reimbursement/visit will suffer.

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