Podcast Episode 5: Hiring Clinical Staff…The Right Way!

In this episode I’ll be covering how to hire clinical staff and specifically:

  • Things you can do that can better your chance of them saying yes to you
  • How to qualify people and find out if they are a good fit or not.
  • What leads up to them picking you over someone else.
  • The proper steps to take to be ready for an interview
  • How to get a desirable applicant to see himself working with you, even before you hire him.
  • How to make applicants feel safe and “take their mask off” so you see the real person
  • The 4 key things you must do in the opening of any interview
  • How to find your prospects “go” buttons!
  • How going into the close to early can ruin everything and how to do it right.
  • What are the two crucial aspects to any job interview?
  • How to handle new grads that are “shopping” and get them on your team.
  • When to lay your cards on the table.
  • The proper time to close your prospect, and not a minute before.
  • What is the last thing to discuss when closing an applicant. And how it could be lethal if you bring it up first.

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