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Too few new patients? Too little patient compliance?
Practice growth flat-lined?

Why PT Practice Success?

Break through the barriers which hold your practice down— hire Shaun Kirk and the PT Practice Success team.

Shaun Kirk, the founder and CEO of PT Practice Success, has trained thousands of practice owners, physical therapists and executives on how to achieve rapid, sustainable growth. He and his team offer:

In-Practice Workshops: Shaun and his team deliver management workshops at your office to get everyone on the same page for a smoother-running, more productive practice.

One-on-One Consulting: Shaun himself is a PT and has also trained thousands of PTs on how to take their practice to the next level. He and his team first complete a thorough analysis of your practice and then creates a step-by-step plan for rapid growth. They guide you through implementing the plan as well.

Management Training: Your management skills should be equal to your clinical skills. PT Practice Success offers training in the practical, proven tools of management.

Public Speaking: Looking to inspire an audience? Shaun and his team know the exact messages to motivate owners, PTs and staff.

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