Master's Club Relaunch Invitation

You have received a link to this landing page because I would like you to consider joining the Master's Club. The Master's Club is an invitation only group of PT practice owners who have been trained in Mr. Hubbard's Management Technology. You may have been a member in the past, but if not, you no doubt have heard of the Master's Club.

This group has a simple purpose:

"To unite successful practice owners into an exclusive group that mutually supports each other, shares successful actions and delivers educational content to the group members in order to assist in their ability to flourish and prosper in an increasingly challenging environment."

Why am I restarting the Master's Club?

I was asked to by former Measurable Solutions Master's Club members. Over the years, since leaving Measurable Solutions, I have spoked to past clients who said how valuable and how tight knit group was to them and that I should start it back up. I pondered but thought I should pass.

Recently, I was speaking to a former MS Master's Club member who asked me if I would start it back up. I told him that I have no interest in stealing clients away from Measurable Solutions. He said, "I am not an active MS client." That got me thinking...


Here are the requirements to join:

  • Cost: $5,000/yr
  • You have been invited by Shaun Kirk.
  • You have trained in Mr. Hubbard's Management Technology
  • You are NOT an active client receiving services from my former company, Measurable Solutions.
  • You are committed to receiving help from myself and this group and are willing to help others in the group by sharing successful actions. We are a causative group. 


What is included in the Master's Club membership:

  • Monthly Master's Club online training/meeting in areas such as marketing, patient compliance, patient reactivation, patient attrition handlings, finanical management, time management, how to drive production, etc.. (You got the idea)
  • Membership in the Master's Club Private Facebook Group where wins are shared, successful actions are demonstrated and challenges are accepted. 
  • An annual Master's Club retreat where fun and education collide. It's an opportunity to build life-long friendships, collaborate, recharge you purpose, learn from others and have a great time!
  • Lastly, we will ressurect the Highest Ever Game for Master's Club Members. The Highest Ever Game has run for 20 years and it can be competitive. Compete for bragging rights, accolades and to challenge others to play to win!


If you would like to join or rejoin this group. Fill out the survey below to qualify to join the group.

I look forward to getting the band back together!!